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Are Businesses on the Family Network Business Directory approved by The Family Network?

No, we do not approve Businesses, however they have all signed our Code of Practice which commits them to treating customers fairly and working with us should there be any dispute. All businesses undergo a range of basic checks to ensure that we have no adverse information about them before they are accepted on to the Directory.

How do I choose a Business from the Family Network Business Directory?

By using your postcode and selecting the type of Business you are looking for the website will produce a list of the Business located closest to your home (as the crow flies). You can limit the selection to  either 5, 10 or “All” traders. You can then look through the list produced and decide which traders to contact by checking the trader’s profile page and star ratings. Please note that if the stars are blank the trader has no current reviews.

You may need to ask the trader if they are qualified to do the work required if the details do not show this, especially with regard to gas or electrical work.

What if something goes wrong?

Customers are required to contact the business in question and follow their complaints procedure.

Does the Directory cover all Business sectors?

Yes! All Businesses are welcome to be on the Directory. It doesnt matter how big, small, newly set up or well established. Everyone is welcome!

How do I know the feedback is genuine?

All feedback received from customers is liable to an audit to ensure that it is genuine. In addition, the pattern of feedback is monitored to ensure that any anomalies are identified and checked.

‘What happens if a business claims membership but is not on the website list?

Please contact The Family Network for further investigation.

Can businesses be removed from the Directory?

Yes. Any business that does not comply with the Code of Practice or acts against the best interests of customers can be suspended pending investigations or removed from the Directory at our discretion.

As there is an annual fee for membership and some businesses have decided not to remain members it should not be assumed that any Business that leaves the Directory has been removed for poor performance. Any Business can decide to cease membership at any time and no inference should be drawn from this. Once a Business has left the scheme for any reason, including voluntary resignation, we will not be able to mediate in any dispute so it is important to check that business are still members even if you have used them before.

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