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The Family Network

Business Support

The Family Network would cease to exist without the support of its members and so we realise that in order to sustain and grow the scheme we need to make sure that we are supporting our members in return.

We realise that in business reputation is everything and we feel the same about the Family Network  brand; we know you’re proud to say you’re a part of the Family Network business and we want to continue to ensure that being a  member adds value to your company.

Promotion and growth of the scheme go hand in hand, as more consumers become aware of the scheme the demand for businesses to supply their needs will grow, and so we’re always looking for ways in which to publicise the scheme. You can do your bit by recommending the Directory to customers and on social media.

Read on to see some of the ways in which we are committed to supporting your business.


The Directory operator will maintain a publicly available website which will contain information about the Scheme, access to standard documentation and will also allow viewers to search for member businesses by trade sector and/or geographical area, listings will include your business address, contact information,customer feedback rating, accreditations and you will have the ability to personalise your own profile with individual log in details.

The scheme operator will produce posters and leaflets promoting the Scheme which will be used for display at events and in public buildings.

The scheme operator will seek to promote the Scheme at all relevant events and presentations given and attended by them and in appropriate written and broadcast media.

The scheme operator will ensure that The Family Network continues to have a strong  presence on social media – follow us on twitter @networkingmummy and on Facebook The Family Network


Regular Advice and Assistance

An e-mail address and a telephone contact will be provided for members’ queries about the Directory. Responses will be made within five working days. Queries will be allocated to a named contact who will provide assistanceThe scheme administrator will provide technical support in the event you are having difficulties with your member profile – please use the Contact Us form for your enquiry; we aim to respond to any queries within 5 working days.

Whilst we make every effort to ensure that members comply with the law we cannot guarantee that their work will never give rise to a complaint.

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